About Us

Frontline.Supply is an initiative of The Cross Connecting Network, a registered 501 (c) (3) under the direction of a qualified board of directors and advised and supported by several business, churches, and individuals.

Jerry Miner, founder of The Cross Connecting Network established contact with the founding leader in South Asia in 2007 while working on a disaster response to a flood while employed with Water Mission International in Charleston, SC.

The two leaders worked on several projects from 2007- 2011 and after seeing what could be done while working together, Jerry Miner and his wife formed The Cross Connecting Network to work specifically with this team in South Asia.

Jerry Miner is a member of Seacoast Church and, when starting the organization, consulted with the leadership of Seacoast and with the Association of Related Churches (ARC) who gave their blessing and appointed Jerry to be the “official liaison for Seacoast “to this country.

The primary leader of FrontLine.Supply is recognized by the ARC as their contact in this country and in November of 2015 began to form and “ARC type” church reaching int a totally new demographic in one of the largest metro areas in the world.

This leader understands ARC’s DNA and is spreading three of the common threads of ARC- Kingdom, Relationship and Generosity in a place in the world that is filled with distrust and collaborative relationship difficult to maintain.

How is this being received? The ARC in this country has just raised $9,000 of the $17,000 necessary to purchase property to build a life -giving church in a place very hostile to the Gospel. This type of Kingdom thinking and generosity was previously unheard of in this country.

The primary leader of FrontLine.Supply is also well known to many in the ARC as he has attended several conference and has been interview by an ARC leader on stage and in meeting with international partners.

This FRONTLINE team also works with several US Faith-based organizations which for, security purposes, we will not mention here. But, the experience and accountability of this team is well known.

There is a solid US based team that works with the FRONTLINE on a DAILY basis. This is full time work and the relationship and accountability is very deep.

Members of the US team have personally visited with all of these leaders and have seen the work first hand.

And, if you are thinking about supporting this team financially be assured – every penny is well spent.

So we invite you to PRAY – BOAST – GIVE to this team on the FRONTLINE.

Questions – just hit the connect button!