The best investment you can make…


$10+ Monthly

Years ago, a street vendor in Mexico used a line on me that I will never forget. As I tried to bargain with him, he looked at me and said – “Senior, won’t make you a poor man – might make me a rich man. And so… I paid him full price and both of us went away happy. I did not lose my “man card” but instead, gained a valuable perspective that has served me time and again. I got a great deal!

And, so it is with this team.They are not selling anything… just putting before you one of the best investments you might ever make…an investment that will change lives…theirs, others, and yours.

These men are all from the slums. They derive little income from the churches they oversee. If fact, most of them are the largest contributors to their own churches. They are committed men, generous with their resources.

And, it is not cheap to live where they live. In many ways it is very expensive. and so they just do without.

Without medical care.

Without proper nutrition.

Without reliable transportation.

Without sufficient housing.

AND, in spite of this, they carry the work load and more of many of our leaders here in our country.

Our  financial strategy is this:

  • Many men here.
  • Giving a little.
  • To support a few there.
  • To impact the lives of many here and there.

And, understand this. Every penny we receive, we send. (Your donation – minus credit card fees = the money we send to them.)

Frontline.Supply is an initiative of The Cross Connecting Network and registered 501 (c) (3) non- profit organization. Your tax receipts and donations will be acknowledge by The Cross Connecting Network.