Prayer is a wartime walkie-talkie for spiritual warfare; not a domestic intercom to increase the comfort of the saints. – John Piper

We speak of war because we know there is a real Spiritual battle for the eternal destiny of people. We know that the ugliness of sin and that brokenness of this world that results in oppression and hatred.
We know the temptation to fight with all the tools at our disposal – but this is not a battle that can be won using fleshly tools. We must fight with Spiritual tools and Prayer is most effective tool we have.
And the most effective prayer that we can pray is for God’s glory to saturate a nation as it is displayed in the love of His people. People who love God and love others – including their enemies.

At FrontLine.Supply we give you the opportunity to pray for the leaders working in places often hostile to the Good News of the Kingdom AND for them to pray for you as well.

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When you order a Prayer Carabiner, you will receive prayer cards for each of the 4 core leaders and a corresponding number so that we can communicate their requests securely with you. So click buttons #1-4 below to learn how to pray specifically each person. 

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