Pray for Leader # 2

  • Respected Senior Leader of the Team
  • Leads Pastor Development
  • Tireless Worker
  • Live is very humble living conditions
  • Never complains.
  • Married with 3 boys and 3 girls.
  • Pray 2 Timothy 2:2 over this leader and yourself

This month’s requests

  • Very concerned for his boys, especially his oldest. There is literally not enough room in the house and not much to do, so the boys are constantly in the street which are filled with drugs and all kinds of crime.
  • Recently diagnosed with diabetes which came as a major shock and he is having difficulties dealing with that.
  • His oldest daughter is now in college and hopes to one day be a dentisit. This is a huge dream for a women from the slums. ¬†As her father he wants to do all he can, but feels helpless.