Pray for Leader # 3

  • Gifted Pastor and Passionate relief worker
  • Teaches School  Full Time – Pastors Full Time – FULL FULL
  • Works in the north area of the country far from home base – works independently  and faithfully.
  • He is married with 3 boys
  • Pray 2 Thessalonians 3:13 over this leader and yourself.

This month’s requests

  • Pray for his oldest son who is learning disabled and their is a deep concern about his future.
  • He has a strong desire to be able to concentrate on the ministry, but he must teach school to support his family. This month there will be many people approached to help raise support for this leadership team.
  • He is overseeing the consturction of a new church and it is a very large task addes to his other responsibilies.